Kodak Single-Use Camera product commonality dataset.

This DSM dataset was actually proposed as a “3D DSM” as it was featured in the reference papers in a 3D layered fashion. Relationships between components in a product family for different family members were shown in a 3D layered fashion. Common interfaces and unique interfaces were color coded accordingly for three family members: The “Fun Saver”, “Outdoor”, and “Plus Digital” single-use cameras.

This dataset contains all unique product family components as nodes, where each node is labeled with the family members it is used in. E.g. the node labels can be any combination of at least one of the camera type.

Edges indicate an interface between components, which is therefore modeled using an “adjacency” edge weight. Once again, they are labeled with the camera typename when that dependency occurs in the corresponding camera type.

Available labels for nodes or edges:

  • Fun Saver

  • Outdoor

  • Plus Digital

References: Alizon, Fabrice. 2009, February. Module-Based Design Management-Synerg’. Symposium on Product Family & Product Platform Design, Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), Helsinki, Finland. Alizon, Fabrice, Seung K. Moon, Steven B. Shooter, and Timothy W. Simpson. 2007, September 4–7. Three Dimensional Design Structure Matrix-DSM3D. ASME Design Engineering Technical Conferences, DETCZ007-34510, Las Vegas, NV, pp. 941-948.

Package Contents#

ragraph.datasets.kodak3d.edge_weights = ['adjacency']#