Elevator system decomposed into 175 components.

The Complex Elevator System is described using an undirected graph with multiple dependency types. It describes a machine-room-less elevator called the ‘Kone MonoSpace’. It is designed for low- to midrise buildings and uses permanent-magnet electric motors. The fi ve defi ned edge types are spatial, material, mechanical energy, electrical energy and information. It was published in a variation of 175 elements and a less granular variation of 45 elements. The less granular variation collapses a set of pre-de fined modules and therefore contains less detail of the system.

Reference: Niutanen, V., Hölttä-otto, K., Rahardjo, A., & Stowe, H. M. (2017). Complex Elevator System DSM - Case for a DSM Design Sprint. In 19th International dependency and structure modeling conference, DSM 2017.

Package Contents#

ragraph.datasets.elevator175.edge_weights = ['spatial', 'material', 'information', 'mechanical energy', 'electrical energy', 'sum', 'binary']#