Ford climate control system.

This dataset describes a climate control system as it was to be found in Ford vehicles. Four different dependency types have been documented, being spatial, energy flow, information flow, and material flow dependencies. These are weighted from -2 to 2, where the following definitions have been used:

  • +2: Required

  • +1: Desired

  • 0: Indifferent

  • -1: Undesired

  • -2: Detrimental

We have added an “adjacency” weight, which is the nonnegative sum of all dependencies between components.

Reference: Pimmler, T. U., & Eppinger, S. D. (1994). Integration Analysis of Product Decompositions. ASME Design Theory and Methodology Conference.

Package Contents#

ragraph.datasets.climate_control.edge_weights = ['adjacency', 'spatial', 'energy flow', 'information flow', 'material flow']#