Graph describing a design problem using objects that need to be designed based on certain aspects. It is part of a set of three design problem graphs, each ideally solved with a different approach – being a modular, integral or mixed architecture.

This particular graph describes a design problem which is ideally solved using a integral object architecture. That the architecture consists vertically integrated modules. That is, each module in one domain integrates with only one (or very few) in the next and there is no crossover (mixing and matching across domains like with a modular approach). This means that interfaces between modules in different domains are relatively few. A module’s design solution should be applicable to every member.

Nodes are of kind “object” or “aspect_1”, “aspect_2”, and “aspect_3”. The numbers represent different aspect domains. An “incidence” kind edge from an object to an aspect means that it posesses that aspect.

Authors: Tim Wilschut and Tiemen Schuijbroek, October 2019.